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5 Creative Ideas To Make Your Branding Photoshoot Stand Out

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Whether you’re launching a new product, renewing your website, or just want to get creative with your marketing campaign, a branding photoshoot is a perfect way to give your brand a unique identity and give it a voice. Here are 5 creative ideas for taking your photoshoot to the next level - so get ready for all the compliments!

Choose a Unique Location and Setting.

Choosing a unique location and setting for your photoshoot can really make your images stand out from the crowd. Consider venues or locations that give off an extra special sparkle - like a local beach, park, abandoned building, or even an indoor studio with bold colors and art pieces. Think about different angles and ways you can use the space to create something truly eye-catching!

Pro Tip: Select a location that appears as if it is multiple locations. For example, if you go downtown, you can use different buildings and coffee shops to maximize your time.

Take Pictures from Different Angles.

Taking pictures from different angles is a great way to capture all of the interesting details in the location you’ve chosen. Think both vertically and horizontally, anywhere from low-angle shots that show more of the background and environment, to overhead shots that take a top-down perspective. This can not only help to create intriguing visuals for your photos but can also result in beautiful backgrounds that are perfect for framing!

Incorporate Interesting Props into Your Photos.

Adding interesting props to your pictures is a great way for you to give your brand some extra personality. Use props that represent your company’s values or tell a story. A hat, an umbrella, a laptop, even an old typewriter - these can all be great additions to your photo shoot. Experiment with different items and locations to find the perfect set-up that speaks directly to your vision and values!

Have Fun With Lighting Effects.

Lighting can make all the difference when it comes to great photography. Use natural sunlight, reflectors, and flashlights to create the perfect balance of shadows, highlights and contrast. Have fun with different lighting effects and create stunning visuals that convey your branding message in a unique and special way. Even everyday objects like a cup, books or leaves can act as unique light-defying elements in your photoshoot – let your creativity be your guide!

Incorporate Movement in Your Shoot.

Incorporate movement into your photoshoot to bring a unique dynamic to your visuals and capture the energy of your brand. Have people wear fun and interesting accessories, or use props like flags or scarves to add movement to the photo. Dancing, jumping, and twirling are great ways to include movement that will help accentuate the features of you or your team in the photos while showing off the freshness of your branding message.

For more inspiration for brand photoshoots head to my custom Pinterest board!

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