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Elevate Your Instagram With This Simple Hack

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Does your grid look jumbled? Here’s how to fix it.

What is an Instagram grid?

You Instagram grid is the way that your images appear on your profile. When you create a thoughtful and strategic grid, your brand looks more cohesive and will attract more customers/clients.

Why should you have a strategy for your grid?

When a brand doesn’t have a plan for their grid it looks jumbled and frankly, hard to look at. Not only that, but without strategically planning it you are not setting yourself up for success. By implementing grid appearance into your Instagram strategy, you will create a more thoughtful presence and scheduling content becomes easier!

Who is this for?

Not everyone needs to plan their grid so thoughtfully. For example, it wouldn't make sense for a photographer to have graphics on their feed, people want to see their photos. Decide if a grid strategy matches your social media goals!

Here are 3 Instagram grids you should try in

2022 to get more customers or clients

1. Every other (graphic-photo-graphic photo)

This one is my personal favorite and I use it for my own grid! Below is an example of how it would look. You can use the same color or different colors for the backgrounds of the graphics, but I would keep it to 2-3 to keep consistency.

2. Every other row (3 photos, 3 graphics)

For this one it is pretty simple, you post 3 graphics in a row, then 3 photos in a row. To make this grid look the best, keep the graphic background colors the same for each “row”, so every three graphics you post they should have the same color background. Best practice would be to alternate between 2 background colors or keep them the same!

3. Graphics down the middle (2 photos, 1 graphic)

This grid uses the least amount of graphics, so this might better for Realtors or product based businesses, depending on your offer. To achieve this look, post 2 photos then 1 graphic. This can also be done with the graphics on the left or right side, you decide!

Pro Tip: With Reels becoming more popular, keep in mind that if you want to post a reel but it is a “graphic” day, you can create a cover so it appears as a graphic on your feed!

To start planning your grid for free, use my FREE Canva Template.



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